Marine Soda Blasting


Marine Soda Blasting

In the past there were basically three ways to remove or strip the paint from a boat bottom.

1. Sand Blasting

2. Manual - combination of using a DA and hand sanding.

3. Chemical Stripping

All three methods eventually get the job done but usually with a great dealof time and difficulty , damage or in the case of chemical stripping - a real mess.

Soda Blasting is not new to the marine market as many will live you to believe, but techniques, specialized blast generators and soda products have been improved to the point where it is now both economical and absolutely the best method for the removal of antifouling paint.



  • Effectively removes antifouling paint and barrier coats
  • Will not damage gel-coat
  • Able to completely remove antifouling paint at the water line
  • Opens blisters for repair
  • Provides a matted finish that will accept a new coat of paint without additional bottom prepping
  • Environmentally Sensible