Soda Blasting - auto restoration


Auto Restoration:

Preparing a vehicle for painting is time consuming often taking days or even weeks to mask, strip and sand. In the past the only way to remove the paint or some other unsightly material from the surface was to sand it, sand blast it, or chemically remove it often with undesirable results.

a. grinding or swirl marks from sanding.

b. warped panels and rust forming from sand blasting.

c. etched surface, chemical reactions with coatings and rust forming from chemical dipping.

You can now have the entire vehicle stripped and ready for the paint booth in 4-7 hours.

Sheet metal warping worries are a thing of the past!!!!!!!! Soda blasting does not produce the heating characteristics of the more abrasive blasting methods such as glass bead or media blasting. Also, there is no etching or chemical reactions in the metal that are usually associated with chemical dipping.


Soda Blasting Advantages

  • Will Not Harm - Glass, Chrome, Wiring, Hoses, Weather Stripping, Vinyl, Most Plastics
  • Environmentally friendly - Non Hazardous
  • Natural Rust Inhibitor -alkaline skin creates acid buffer to prevent rust that occurs after most blasting processes.
  • Does Not Etch or Profile Metal (leaves surface in a ready to paint condition).
  • Cleans and De-Coats in One Step (no pre-cleaning ofoil, grease and other contaminants before blasting - does it all in one step).
  • Non Sparking
  • No Residue Problem in Small Passage Ways (totally dissolves in water - simply rinse off with hose).
  • Improved Crack Detection
  • Replaces Dangerous Solvent
  • If it is just an exterior re-paint and not a complete restoration there is no need to remove any of the above items.

Attention Soda Blast Customers

All soda blast residue must be removed before applying any coatings to any part or surface.

Surface removal of baking soda is a must and is accomplished with a clean soapy water scrub and wash. A mixture of 20% vinegar in the wash water is recommended to neutralize the PH of the baking soda.

When completed there should not be any gritty or chalky residue left on any surface.

In addition, always follow the manufacturers pre-paint instructions!!