We Strip Everything Fast Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripping and Cleaning Solutions


Mid Atlantic Soda-Dry Ice Blasting is a specialty blasting company utilizing various blasting methods and blast media.

We provide high quality removal of surface contaminants utilizing an assortment of blast media:

Sodium Bicarbonate ( Baking Soda )
Dry Ice Blasting ( dry ice pellets or rice )
Abrasive Blasting featuring Dupont Starblast*, red garnet, crushed glass and corn cob.

Pressure Washing: specializing in graffiti removal using Professional Choice* graffiti removal applications.


Mold Remediation
Fire Restoration
Buildings (paint stripping/cleaning - interior/exterior)
Marine (boat bottom paint removal)
Auto Restoration
Coatings removed from all metals, brick, block, wood, fiberglass
Graffiti Removal
Heavy Equipment
Industrial - machinery, molds, electrical equipment, heating/cooling
Manufacturing Equipment - conveyors, processors, injection molds

Service area

Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Washington DC

Contact Info:

6630 Friels Road - directions
Queenstown, MD 21658
Office: 410-827-0911
Fax: 410-827-0913
Website: www.soda-dryiceblast.com